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About Steve Coogan

About Steve CooganSteve was born and raised in Manchester where he trained as an actor at the Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre. Whilst studying he saw stand up as a way of obtaining an equity card. He was spotted by a television scout and offered a spot on 'FIRST EXPOSURE', this led to many television appearances including 'THE PRINCE'S GALA TRUST' for the Prince and Princess of Wales, 'STAND-UP', 'UP-FRONT', 'PARAMOUNT CITY', 'LONDON UNDERGROUND' and 'WORD IN YOUR EAR'. He was also a regular voice on 'SPITTING IMAGE' for several years.

In 1992 he won the Perrier Award for his show 'STEVE COOGAN IN CHARACTER WITH JOHN THOMPSON', at which he launched his character Paul Calf. Paul Calf became a regular on 'SATURDAY ZOO' on this show he introduced a new character Paul's sister Pauline Calf. He went on to write and perform in 'THE PAUL CALF VIDEO DIARIES' for which he won a BAFTA for his performance in Pauline Calf's video diary 'THREE FIGHTS, TWO WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL'.

Whilst working on radio his character Alan Partridge was created in 'ON THE HOUR' which transferred to television and became 'THE DAY TODAY', and from which came the show 'KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU', this was also transferred to television and received huge critical acclaim along with numerous awards.

In 1994 at the British Comedy Awards he won Top Male Comedy Performer, Top Comedy Personality and 'KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU' won Best New Television Comedy.

Steve went on to do a film 'RESURRECTED', several episodes of 'HARRY' and 'INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD' for Paramount in which he played a first world war soldier. He then did a series for BBC 2 'COOGAN'S RUN' playing lots of his different characters. From there he went on to play Mole in 'WIND IN THE WILLOWS', directed by Terry Jones.

He wrote and starred in a Christmas Special for BBC 2 'TONY FERRINO'S PHENOMENON' for which he received the Silver Rose of Montreux Award.

Steve appeared in a lead role in the film 'REVENGERS COMEDIES' and in a screen 1 film entitled 'THE FIX'.

Steve won two BAFTA'S for Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Performance for his series 'I'M ALAN PARTRIDGE'.

He completed a successful sell out tour of the UK with his live show 'THE MAN WHO THINK'S HE'S IT', which won a South Bank Show Award and broke all box office records for a comedy show in London's West End.

Steve then took a couple of years out to write a film with his business partner Henry Normal. 'THE PAROLE OFFICER' was produced by Duncan Kenworthy and Andrew Macdonald and directed by John Duigan, it was also one of the top grossing British films of the year.

Steve and Henry set up their own production company, Baby Cow Production three years ago and have produced a number of award winning programmes, 'Marion and Geoff', 'Human Remains', 'The Sketch Show', 'Dr Terrible's House of Horrible', 'A Small Summer Party', 'Up in Town' with Joanna Lumley, 'Marion and Geoff', is currently showing a new series on BBC 2 and receiving critical acclaim, 'Cruise of the Gods' a TV film made for BBC 2 was shown last Christmas.

April 2002 saw the release of '24 Hour Party People' a Revolution Film directed by Michael Winterbottom about Factory Records and the rise and fall of Tony Wilson played by Steve.

In Autumn 2002 he released a new series of 'I'M ALAN PARTRIDGE', which again received rave reviews. In 2003 Steve played Samuel Pepys in the BBC2 historical drama charting the famous diarist.

Steve then co-starred in Frank Coraci's 'AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS', as Phileas Fogg, with Jackie Chan as Passepartout. He was also was featured in a segment of Jim Jarmusch's film 'COFFEE & CIGARETTES' which debuted at the 2004 Venice film festival.

Steve completed his work in Michael Winterbottom's 'A COCK AND BULL STORY' in 2005 (previously titled Tristram Shandy), which was released in January 2006. During this year he also played the ambassador to the French Queen in filming Sofia Coppola's MARIE ANTOINETTE.

In April 2006 he shot NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, which Michael Barnathan is producing for 1492 Pictures and Fox. SAXONDALE Steve's new series went out on BBC2 of autumn this year.

2007, Steve already has his writing hat on For SAXONDALE Series 2. In March he will be performing in an episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM . This year we will also see Steve participating in several new potential projects…

Steve Coogan on the South Bank Show

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